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Estate Regulations 1999

It is important that Leaseholders at Southdown’s Park are aware of the Estate Rules imposed upon them. It is also worth pointing out that Leaseholders are responsible for the actions of their tenants onsite and could Propose to include the estate rules (copy enclosed).

Part One (Enforceable by other Lessees)

  1. Not to use or suffer to be used the Demised Premises for any purpose whatsoever other than as a private residence for occupation by a single household and in particular not to carry on or permit or suffer to be carried on in or from the Demised Premises any trade, business or profession.
  2. Not to use the Car Park Space for any purpose other than for the purpose of parking a private motor vehicle not exceeding three tonnes in gross laden weight or motor cycle thereon and not to park or allow to be parked any motor vehicle wheeled vehicle of other form of transport on any other part of the Development and not to block or obstruct the Parking Spaces of the access to or egress therefrom.
  3. Not to allow any trailer caravan or boat or other similar chattel to be brought onto any part of the Development.
  4. Not to carry out nor allow to be carried out any vehicle maintenance on any part of the Development
  5. Not to allow or cause to be allowed the deterioration of any vehicles on the Development to an unreasonable condition nor to abandon any vehicle whatsoever on any part of the Development and in the event of any breach of this covenant, it shall be lawful for the manager without prejudice to its rights hereunder, to arrange for the removal of such neglected or abandoned vehicle and to recover from the lessees any costs incurred by them.
  6. Not to display or hang any window boxes, clothes, washing, aerials, satellite dishes or any similar telecommunication transmission or reception apparatus of anything from the Demised Premises (except aerials placed there by the Lessor or the Manager) and to use the drying areas (if any) only for the purpose of drying clothes or linen and nowhere else for such purpose.
  7. Not to obstruct at any time any access ways, roadways, lift entrances, stairways or corridors on the Development.
  8. Not to use or permit or suffer the Demised Premises to be used for any illegal, immoral or improper purpose and not to do, permit or suffer on the Demised Premises or Development any act or anything which shall be, may be or become a nuisance, damage, annoyance or inconvenience to the Lessor Manager or to the lessees or occupiers of the properties or to all owners or occupiers of any neighbouring property, and to pay all costs, charges and expenses of abating a nuisance and executing all such work as may be necessary for abating a nuisance or for carrying out works as may be necessary for abating a nuisance or executing all such work as may be necessary for abating a nuisance or for carrying out works in obedience to a notice served by a local authority insofar as the same is the liability of, or wholly or partially attributable to, the default of the Lessee and not to exhibit any notice, advertisement, sign, ”For Sale” board or “To Let” board, name plate, or placard or similar items of any kind upon or in the Demised Premises or the Development.
  9. That:
    • 9.1. if the manager goes into liquidation for any reason (whether compulsory or voluntary) or fails to observe and perform its covenants under this Lease then and in any such case the Lessor and the Lessee will join with the lessees of the Properties in arranging for the carrying out of the matters mentioned in the Sixth Schedule of the lease, the Lessee contributing the Lessees’ proportion of the expense of so doing in accordance with the provision of the Lease until such time as a nominee (“the Nominee”) is appointed by either the Lessor or by a clear majority of the lessees of the Development in succession to the Manager.
    • 9.2. if a Nominee is appointed aforesaid then the Lessee will join with the lessees of the Properties in arranging for the substitution of the Manager by the Nominees including (without limitation) entering into a deed of covenant whereby the Nominee agrees to observe and perform the covenants and obligations of the Manager under this lease and the Lessee agrees to observe and perform the covenants and obligations of the Lessee under this lease
  10. Not to throw dirt, rubbish, rags or other refuse or permit the same to be thrown into sink or basin, lavatories, cisterns or waste or soil pipes in the Demised Premises but to place refuse in the appropriate closed receptacles (which the Lessee shall provide) in the area provided (if any) for that purpose for the use of the Demised Premises and to empty the same at least once a week.

Part Two (Enforceable by Lessor or Manager)

  1. Not to do anything in or on the Demised Premises or Development which is not consistent with the use of the Demised premises as a high class residence nor to allow anyone else to do so including (but without limitation) to:
    • 1.1. not making any unnecessary noise or allowing a television or radio set, equipment for reproducing recorded sound or musical instrument to be heard outside the Demised Premises
    • 1.2. not holding any political, religious, fund raising or charitable meeting attended by more than five people in any one unit
    • 1.3. not hanging clothes, linen or furnishings outside any part of the Demised Premises other than any prescribed drying area.
    • 1.4. not hanging any net curtains, Austrian blinds or Roman blinds in the windows of the Demised Premises and to have only high quality window coverings.
    • 1.5. procuring the cleaning of the windows inside not less than every four weeks
    • 1.6. not keeping any animal or bird in the Demised Premises unless the Lessor and Manager have agreed in writing, provided that any such agreement may be withdrawn by the Lessor or Manager at any time without a reason being given
    • .7. draining the hot water system to the Demised Premises whenever the Demised premises are unoccupied for longer than 96 hours continuously between 1st December and 31st March.
    • 1.8. not erecting any external TR or radio aerial or any apparatus for receiving satellite broadcasts on the exterior of the Demised Premises.
  2. 2. In using any part of the Demised Premises the Lessee will not:
    • 2.1. make any unnecessary noise
    • 2.2. leave any litter except in a receptacle provided for it
    • 2.3. leave any furniture, package, bicycle, toy or other article there save for in such storage area designated for such purposes
  3. 3. In using any part of the Development the Lessee shall not:
    • 3.1. obstruct or cause to be obstructed any Access ways or service Installations of Parking Spaces
    • 3.2. contravene any parking or traffic regulation arrangement displayed on notices or which may from time to time be notified to the Lessee in writing by the Lessor
    • allow any vehicle to make unnecessary noise
    • 3.4. leave any litter except in a suitable receptacle provided for it
    • 3.5. cut or damage any shrubs, trees, flowers or other flora on the Development
    • 3.6. Play any ball games or carry out any other activity which does or may cause any nuisance or annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance in the Lessor’s opinion.