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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Southdown’s Park Management Company Limited

Southdown’s Park Management Company Limited was created in 1st October 1998 by the Developer to manage the 198 units across the development. Each property owner of Southdown’s Park is a member of the Management Company and therefore eligible to become a Director. The Management Company is responsible for the maintenance of the development which include the external structure of buildings, gardens, communal gym, pathways, internal common parts etc.

When are Service Charges paid?

Service Charges are payable to the Management Company half yearly on 1st January and 1st July each year. The money is payable in advance, as per the terms of the Lease. At the end of each financial year, a summary of expenditure is prepared by an independent accountant showing income and expenditure for your property. The accounts are then distributed to all Leaseholders.

Where are Service Charge Monies Held?

All funds payable by Leaseholders of Southdown’s Park are paid into a designated Trust Account exclusively for Southdown’s Park Management Company. Any interest on this account is therefore payable into this account and for the benefit of all Leaseholders.

How is my Service Charge Calculated?

Each property within Southdown’s Park contributes to either 2 or 3 schedules. Schedule 1 makes up the Estate Costs, which every property contributes towards. You will then contribute to either 1 or 2 schedules for the building costs of your block. Your apportionment to these schedules is dictated within the Lease so these are not decided by Crabtree or SPMC. An Annual Budget is compiled by Crabtree and Directors of SPMC to cover crucial items that are required over the course of the year.

What are the Parking Restrictions Onsite?

Dependent on the terms of your Lease, you will either be allocated one or two individual spaces. For these, you must have a parking permit otherwise you will receive a ticket. Residents are also permitted Two Visitor Permit ,which permits the parking of one car within the visitor’s spaces are for 24 Hours. Please note that there are no additional spaces for purchase across the estate.

If you require a replacement permit, please contact UK CPM direct;
UK CPM - Tel: 0845 463 5050

Access to the Gym?

Each Leaseholder of the Southdown’s Park estate is entitled one access fob to the Gym. These can be purchased from Crabtree at £10 and collected from Simon Anderton once payment has been received. Please ensure you take a utility bill dated within 3 months, to confirm identity. Please note that we can only sell Gym fobs to the Leaseholders, so if you are a tenant you will need to ask your Landlord to contact us.

Where do I dispose of my Rubbish & Recycling?

There are various Recycling & General Bin’s onsite which are for residents to dispose of general refuse and/or recycling. We would please ask that when disposing of General Refuse that it is in a black bag and placed directly into the bin. Leaving rubbish on the floor of the bin stores will only encourage vermin. Please do not leave bulk waste in the Bin Areas, as this costs the Service Charge to remove.

I’m thinking of letting my property, what do I need to do?

It’s important to remind your lettings agent that your tenants will have to abide by the terms of the Lease. We would ask that your agents are fully aware of the parking restrictions and that these have been communicated to your new tenants. Please ensure any Gym Passes and Communal Door keys are passed on, as your tenant will not be able to purchase these from us.

Can I have a Pet at Southdown’s Park?

Pets are permitted at Southdown’s Park, subject to a Pet License being obtained from Crabtree first. If you are interested in acquiring a Pet License, please contact Crabtree on 020 8371 7070.

I have no Water?

  • Search incidents in your area by checking South East Water’s website
  • Check with neighbours to see if they are affected.
  • Check the News & Updates to see if there are any planned works.
  • Contact Crabtree to log a call.
  • If you have no water and you have to leave you property, please make sure your taps are turned off so that when the water is reinstated whilst you are out of the property it does not flood.
  • The site has a pumped cold water system with three 500 gallon water tanks, so if the tenants have no water they need to contact Simon Anderton Site Supervisor if in working hours or otherwise Crabtree.

I have no heating or hot water?

There is no communal supply of Hot Water at Southdown’s Park and therefore each individual Leaseholder is responsible for their own Hot Water.

How many units are there on the estate?

The Development is made of 198 units in total, which are the responsibility of Southdown’s Park Management Company Limited. Lockhart Court is the responsibility of Hyde Housing, however the management company do provide Lockhart Court with water, for which they contribute towards.

Am I allowed to put up my own satellite dish?

Unfortunately not, individual satellite dishes are not permitted on any area of the development under the terms of Lease. A communal system has been fitted within each block to serve all residents satellite needs. The system currently supports Sky, so should you wish to have this installed please liaise directly with Sky.

I’m not getting TV signal?

On occasions the 'booster' system which carries the signal from the main dish/aerial fails and requires a call out from an independent contractor. If this is the case, please contact Simon Anderton who will be able to assist.

Noise Disturbances?

As per the terms of the lease, residents should not do anything that could cause a nuisance to fellow residents. This includes making excessive noise. Where a neighbour is causing a nuisance to you, we would firstly ask that you speak with the individual directly (only if you feel comfortable doing so). Should the noise continue, please contact Crabtree who will write to the flat making the noise asking for an immediate resolution. If the noise continues we would ask that you contact the council, who have far greater powers in enforcing noise complaints then Crabtree do. Keeping a log of noise disturbances will only aid your case.